“I want a career where I’ll be making a lot of money, like teaching or something.”

Just thought I’d do a little wordplay. These are just common sentences I hear around campus, and just in general. It’s always a great moment when people ask what I’m studying and then they go, “I wish I could do something like that, I’m pre-med.” or “Wow, I wish I could take an education class. Try taking Calculus 3.”

Now of course, pre-med and calculus 3 are beyond anything I could probably ever do. But just 2 points I want to make note of, I believe that being an education major\earning a teaching certificate should be more rigorous and challenging because it is just as crucial a role in our society as a doctor, just in different ways. And, it’s quite frustrating that teachers are looked as an insignificant career\major. But, that’s stating the obvious. Just needed to get that out there.

Anyway, here you go, feel free to submit your own!

“I wish I could be a doctor teacher, but that’s so many years of school and training.”

“Yea, I just became a teacher doctor because it was the easiest thing to major in.” – (the original sentence is was actually said from an old high school teacher I had)

“I’m going to school for teaching nursing, but my parents really wanted me to become a nurse teacher.”

“I want a career where I’ll make a lot of money, like being a doctor teaching or something.”

“Yea, it’s really hard to get accepted into the pharmacy teaching program.”

“What did I major in? Oh, economics and history. Yea, but don’t worry, I had an entire summer for training to be a doctor.”

“People left the bio education exam crying. That hard.”

I’m not going to try and tell a doctor teacher how to do their job, their the ones who went through intense schooling for it, not me. I have no right to criticize or tell them how to do their job.”

“Not much we can do for these kids this cancer or diabetes, sorry.” (inspired by Byron’s Babble’s post)

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2 thoughts on ““I want a career where I’ll be making a lot of money, like teaching or something.”

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