What No Child Left Behind Actually Leaves Behind (via COLORLINES)

source: http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/01/10_years_later_no_child_left_behind_ignores_plenty.html

2 thoughts on “What No Child Left Behind Actually Leaves Behind (via COLORLINES)

  1. Reblogged this on Kmareka.com and commented:
    This is an interesting way to view things, for the sake of experimentation. I would like to see how corporate education reformers would respond to this.

    • Most of those things are out-of-scope for fixing in terms of schools. There’s nothing a ‘corporate’ school or a even a private school can do about a kid who’s parents don’t pack some food or take the little one to school themselves.

      I can’t accept the ‘don’t blame the teachers, blame the X’ approach, because as far as education reform is concerned, we CAN’T change the parents, we CAN’T change the rest of the world to make this kid’s life easier, and we CAN’T just get more money into the system. The only variable where the input and output are connected and there’s enough autonomy to toggle them is the teachers.

      That said, there are MUCH better ways to judge teacher effectiveness than just test scores. Tests scores don’t tell you much, but *differences* in test scores in students who have had similar classroom exposures tells a whole lot, enough to determine if a particular teacher is overall improving their students or not.

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