Columbus, Ohio here I come! National Student Convergence 2012

Where is the American student movement? Last year we witnessed the youth of Chile, Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, and countless other countries fearlessly stand up to fight for their future. Now, the spark has spread through North America. Thousands upon thousands of young people have walked the streets of Quebec and Mexico City for the right to education and for authentic democracy.

We are organizing this convergence because we believe our generation needs a similar movement in the United States. Our government has proven itself uninterested in improving the rampant inequality in American society. Our generation has witnessed poverty increase, unemployment spread, education deteriorate, and tuition rise. The cradle to prison pipeline is thriving, but we are falling behind in the number of college graduates. We are the most diverse, tech-savvy, educated, and progressive generation in American history, and yet we are the first generation that will likely have less opportunities than the generation before us.

We’re left with no choice but to fight for our future. [Read More]

From today until Tuesday, August 14th, students from all over the country are coming together to plan our next set of action. We are tired of waiting for change, we are demanding control of our futures now.

The agenda is pretty awesome (beyond awesome actually), I highly suggest you check it out. This is so exciting, for clearly so many reasons. I cannot wait to share my experience with all of you. If interested, keep your eyes peeled for the #HereUsNow hashtag on Twitter, and don’t forget to follow me (sure I’ll be sending out a bunch of pictures).

Aside from the agenda and traveling to Ohio for the first time ever, I’m really, really, really excited to be surrounded by hundreds of other student activists (in real life!!) who are ready to  bring change–now this is what I truly call a student led movement. As I mentioned before, it is rare to find those my age (well, at least where I am from) as engaged in the student movement as I am. This environment will definitely be a good one.

Have a great weekend!

- Stephanie Rivera

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