National Student Power Convergence – Day 2

So awesome. I’m not used to being in this type of environment. Like I’ve mentioned, many of my friends aren’t into the things I do. But being around so many activists, people who believe in fighting for what’s right, and of course those who believe in things such as establishing safe spaces, stating preferred gender pronouns, and no hate speech (just to name a few)…I don’t ever want to leave.

I’m learning more than I ever anticipated, mostly from the students I’ve been meeting. I’ve met dozens of students from my list of student protests, they are even more (I need more synonyms for awesome) in person. Also, like SOS Convention, meeting lots of people from Twitter…very cool as well. And I’ve gotten thanks for writing about SFER and one “envies all the hate I’m getting” (he is also an education major, and also dislikes TFA).

What makes this so incredible is the amount of different backgrounds we come from, what we’ve experienced, what we’re involved in, etc. It is a very interesting environment because there are many students who believe in approaching the traditional route of bringing change, then there are many who are very radical. It’s funny, because I kind of came in thinking I’d definitely be on the same level of the other activists coming–but not at all! Like I mentioned in my tweet, it’s been a humbling experience and I’ve got a whole lot left to learn on being an organizer and an activist. And like many of the students I’ve talked to said, “Well what better place to be than here to learn?” It’s also been a “connecting” experience (I don’t know if that’s the term I’m looking for but I’m in a rush!). Everyone here, regardless of our differences, have a core similarity. We have our lives dedicated to bring needed change to this country, and we all know that we have the power to do it.

There is so much more left to cover, but just thought I’d give a quick update.



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