Personal Note: Post Hurricane Sandy

My heart goes out to all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. New Jersey has been my home all my life, and my township is right outside of Atlantic City, which received a blow I would have never expected.

I am so grateful to say that my parents and I are all safe and have been left unharmed. I am home from Rutgers since class has been canceled for the remainder for the week.

It kills to know that tragedies are what brings so many of us together, and puts our lives into perspective. I was listening to the radio earlier, and hearing parents call in saying they haven’t heard from their children since Sunday aches me to no end. I am so blessed–many of us are–to be in the position we are in after this storm.

My final note on this post:


Dear followers,

If there is any possible way I can help, whether nearby or in an entirely different state, please, please, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to comment or e-mail me:

Also, to those who are okay and available to help out their towns, please check out this Huffington Post article that gives links to ways you can help out:  Hurricane Sandy: How To Help & What You Need To Know (UPDATES). It’s an incredibly useful link, so please be sure to share!

There is an also important link a fellow activist and friend of mine shared with me, Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts. Quote from the donation page:

‎”While Wall Street was flooded, it is now up and running. Yet- right across the bridge in Brooklyn- residents sit outside their buildings with no food, no water, no heat and little hope. They have received no information, no assistance and no directions.”




Thank you to all of those out there helping our communities recover.


Take care,


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