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  1. Good luck in your ambitions for New Brunswick school children. You have my vote! I want to ask you a question. I am familiar with many studies that indicate if kids are paid as an incentive learn, study and participate, they do!!!! Results are indisputable. Perhaps, it would be economically efficient, given the millions that we waste, to get results this way. How proud they would be to build their own college funds. How interested their parents would become in their efforts!
    It works! These conclusive studies date back to the 1970s at least.

  2. Dear Schoolteachers:

    In light of the school closures that have taken place in the city of Chicago most recently, we anticipate funding the Schools of America Project and dedicating Seven Billion Dollars over the next seven years to assist in saving schools of America.

    The grants provide schoolteachers whom are willing to collaborate with other fellow teachers to independently form a school fund committee for every school they represent with the opportunity to earn a grant for funding the Schools of America Project.

    This initiative is about acquiring a turn-key business operation geared to implement innovative and sustainable strategies essentially designed to engage the private sector in utilizing untapped income resources to fund and save schools of America.

    Initially, the funds are going to be allocated to retrofit the building structures or purchase schools which have been either closed or under consideration for closure.

    Meanwhile, developing a website or establishing a Facebook page is highly recommended for to keep the public well-informed about the progress of the project, if they are expected to be brought into the fold.

    After the formation of a school fund committee, schoolteachers are urged to contact our office to obtain additional instructions and learn more about the impact of working together to fund school programs that have either been cancelled or reduced due to lack of adequate funding.

    Thank you in advance for your professional courtesy and consideration in “Paying It Forward” by passing this information along to other fellow teachers, hoping they could do the same to keep the spirit of unity and giving alive.

    Saving Schools of America Fund
    Board of Trustees

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