How Blogging and Social Media Changed My Life

Recently I received these 2 messages in my inbox on Facebook:

Hi Steph!

I hope I don’t sound like a creeper but I just wanted to say I am so so so proud of what you are doing and I am watching your video right now. You speak so well and are so passionate about what you are doing. You’re amazing! You inspire me to speak up and out about problems going on around us. Keep doing what you’re doing !!!


Hi Stephanie- I can’t remember how we got connected, but I was reading your blog this morning and wanted to say thank you for writing your “Confessions of an Activist.” I’m a fellow educational activist and I also have struggled with years of self-hate and bulimia. You are so brave to share your story! I’d love to meet you sometime for coffee or something-I am also involved in educational activism and research, and I’d love to hear more about what you are doing! My group is mainly in northern NJ, but maybe we could collaborate on something!

With that being said, it made me pause and reflect on…Read More

One thought on “How Blogging and Social Media Changed My Life

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